3 Design Style Perfect
For Jakarta Homes
Interior Design by C.Lima Studio

Location is a huge influence on a home’s design. From lifestyle to mobility habits of its residents, there are a few crucial aspects people take into consideration when deciding on their home’s structure, direction, and, most importantly, style. Though style ultimately depends on personal preference and current trends, some design styles are more suitable than others for certain people.

A bustling city like Jakarta - the capital city and an epicenter of business - is home to uniformed townhouses and vibrant residential areas. There has been a spike in affordable residential homes which are attracting the younger generations. But the pandemic itself has made people more aware of their surroundings at home. Being confined to our homes, we start paying more attention to our homes, the details, and the ambiance we truly crave.

Designing homes can be very costly, not to mention, additional costs that come with doing maintenance. So it’s best to plan out everything - from style to interior - to avoid making the wrong decisions, even worse disliking your home’s final design. Whether you are a new home-owner or want to invest in renovations and designing your home, here are the design styles we know are a perfect fit for fellow Jakartans and the city’s emerging modernity.

Kitchen of IV Residence. Interior Design by C.Lima Studio
1. Modern Minimalist

We tend to mistake that minimalist design requires one to live with less, but it actually ensures a simple and uncluttered space. A modern minimalist style, for example, is synonymous with clean lines and overall simplicity. This can be achieved through built-in furniture and hidden storage spaces. This functional and compact style would be a perfect fit for Jakarta people, especially those with apartments and small homes.

While a modern minimalist design can very well suit people with all types of backgrounds, this is the perfect style for Jakartans who are very practical and prioritizes functionality over decor or detailing. This is mainly because modern minimalist design tends to avoid unnecessary details. This particular style also focuses on monochromatic, neutral, and earthy colors.

2. Japandi

A balance of East and West, Japandi is known as a hybrid style of Japanese and Scandinavian design. As we all know, Scandinavian design is a long-time favorite minimalistic design among Indonesians. However, this mix of Nordic and Japanese culture is surprisingly very fitting in Jakarta homes. It is functional and compact with very few interiors that will create an ideal healthy home as it minimizes the amount of dust that could be collected in the home.

Japandi balances both practical and “minimalist” design but is still very warm and natural that is very fitting for Indonesians. The East Asian influences to this design style, like incorporating nature in living spaces and the use of natural materials, helps create an ambiance that is more suitable to Jakarta’s climate and nature.

3. Modern Contemporary

Contemporary is often considered the same as modern design, but they are two different styles. Contemporary is commonly known for its use of state-of-the-art materials like metals and glass. So in fact, if you combine the two, Modern Contemporary has an elegant and sophisticated design

Modern Contemporary, for a start, is very well balanced compared to other designs. Jakartans who are keen on modern styles and architectural homes would love a Modern Contemporary design in their homes. Big spaces, high ceilings, and skylights that open up space and invite light are some of the many things you can find in a Modern Contemporary home. Modern Contemporary also incorporates a broader spectrum towards home design, as it not only focuses on interior and architecture but also the house’s landscape.