7 Low-Maintenance & Air-Purifying Plants Perfect For Small Spaces

Source: Jenni Kayne / Interior design by Erin Fetherston


Indoor plants can be a fresh addition to the home, not only as decoration but also as a natural air purifier. Our homes are just as exposed to hazardous pollutants as the outdoors, due to off-gassing from household products. Indoor plants are known to be effective air purifiers, particularly for these pollutants.

Though some may be more effective than others, some plants - smaller ones in fact - are proven to be the best air purifiers compared to other plants. Some of the plants in this list not only save space but also are easy to care for and eliminates more than just one particular toxin. If you are considering having indoor plants for your home, consider these 7 low maintenance & air-purifying plants that can fit the smallest of spaces and most importantly purify the air in your home.

  1. Sansevieria / Lidah Mertua
  2. Source: Bay On A Budget

    Sansevieria or snake plants are easy to care for and thrives in all kinds of lighting from sunlit to slightly dim rooms. Sansevieria also has a straight upward structure that is perfect for small spaces. These attractive-looking plants are also incredible air purifiers as they help filter toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde, and xylene that may usually be emitted from wood materials, glues, and wax from furniture in the home.

  3. Rubber Plant
  4. Source: Lively Root

    Rubber plants come in different kinds of sizes, the small one is known as the Baby Rubber Plant which is a fitting plant to have for those with minimal space. Rubber plants grow steadily under minimum sunlight which increases their longevity. Rubber plants are also great oxygen-producers and filters one of the most common gases emitted in homes - formaldehyde - which may cause health concerns like cancer.

  5. Dracaena
  6. Source: Lively Root

    Dracaena appears as a striking plant, mainly due to their white strips on its leaf. They generally do not grow too tall in size which makes this attractive plant perfect for corners of rooms. This plant is also proven to be effective in filtering out many toxins that inhabit the indoor air including formaldehyde, xylene, trichloroethylene, and benzene.

  7. Peace Lily
  8. Source: MyDomaine

    The peace lily is one of the few plants that have flowers, particularly white lily-like blooms. They do however require sufficient care such as spritzing water to the leaves and ensuring that the soil is kept moist. When it comes to sunlight, however, peace lilies need no specific placement as they do just fine in daylight and afternoon sun that isn’t too fierce. Peace lilies can not only filter toxins but also eliminate mold in the home.

  9. Spider Plant / Lili Paris
  10. Source: The Spruce

    Spider plants are the go-to plants for homes with pets, as they are pet friendly, unlike their counterparts that may be poisonous to animals. With sprawling leaves that grow outwards, spider plants can be planted in a hanging pot hung on a ceiling or in a corner which can help save space and eliminate feeling distracted if it were to be placed down. Study shows that spider plants are a natural air purifier as it can remove 95% of toxins including hazardous chemicals such as carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde, and toluene, in a matter of 24 hours.

  11. Chinese Evergreen / Sri Rezeki
  12. Source: Léon & George

    Chinese evergreen, also known by its scientific name Aglaonema modestum, has been called as the plant with many benefits especially when placed at home. This indoor plant grows perfectly well in all kinds of lighting. Aglaonema plants, which come in a wide variety of shades from pink, red, orange, and silver, are known to help reduce stress and enhance concentration. This could mainly be caused by its purifying features towards toxins such as carbon monoxide and trichloroethylene that affect the nervous system.

  13. Golden Pothos / Sirih Gading
  14. Source:

    Golden Pothos, commonly known as Devil’s Ivy, is one of the easiest plants to take care of as it grows well in low light and with only minimal watering that can be done weekly. Golden Pothos is another small plant that commonly does not expand upwards or wider due to its vines. This small low maintenance plant, golden pothos comes with great benefits as it purifies the air from most of the toxins that are polluting indoor air.