3 Smart Design Ideas
To Add A Laundry Room In Your Home
Source: Elle Decor / Interior Design by Valerie Grant Interiors / Photography by Peter Rymwid

The laundry room is one of the most functional rooms in the home, yet most homes are not equipped with a washing machine let alone a laundry room. This home appliance is an essential part of the home but is often ruled out from its design to the functionality of the room.

Adding a laundry room that’s functional and also comfortable is important for the home. Most homeowners settle with doing their laundry in their bathroom or even in their rooftop or outdoor area, but it is not hard to utilize corners, dead areas, and even existing rooms to be repurposed as a laundry room.

Source: The Organized Home
Maximize the functionalities of your rooms

The easiest way to add a laundry room to your home is to utilize your existing rooms, such as the kitchen or bathroom. The kitchen, for a start, has plenty of storage which is often out of reach and not used. This under-the-counter storage space can be used to place your washing machine. Whether you’d like to keep the cabinet door emplaced or remove it completely, this is a great way to save space and install a washing machine when you are out of room or options.

Installing a washing machine in your bathroom is also a great way to combine the function of the room. The bathroom will most definitely already have a water pipeline supplying the room with water, so having a washing machine here will not require extra work for the pipeline, to begin with.

Utilize dead zones and corners of your room

Do you have certain areas in your house that you feel are just too small to be of use like space under the stairs, alcoves, or empty corners? We all have these unsatisfying spaces in our homes, we can never decide what to do with them. One solution to maximize and make use of this awkward space is by turning it into a laundry area.

The great thing with this area is that there is just enough space to install both a washer and a dryer, with a rack to have them sit vertically on top of the other or side-by-side if possible. Utilizing dead zones is a great way to add more functionalities to your home without having to add another room. Additionally, you won’t make your home seem smaller as you are utilizing an underused space for a better purpose.

Create a built-in laundry area to your storage space

This next tip is a great option for homes with ample space but adding a laundry function into an entire room just won’t be possible. A built-in laundry area is a smart way to make use of wall space such as in hallways or even a storage closet that would have been left without a storage system.

When it comes to your laundry area there are a few things to consider, such as a drying rack and dedicated storage for linen, laundry soap, and other tools. If you are building this in an existing storage space, a built-in shelving unit will come in handy to separate your laundry necessities and home devices. Aside from storage, to maximize the area’s function, add in a sink that extends to a counter space for an extra working area that eases doing the laundry.

Utilize dead zones and corners of your room

Having a dryer in addition to your washing machine is a lifesaver when it comes to wrinkles in clothes and getting your clothes dried in time. However, dryers are one of the most energy-consuming appliances and lead to your home emitting a significant amount of carbon footprint every year. Although, its function might be extremely useful, air-drying your clothes is still very possible. All it takes is to have a dedicated room for doing the laundry and space to install a drying rack.

As you incorporate a drying area into your laundry room, it is important to have the rack as close to the ceiling as possible. Racks that are raised close to the ceiling will take advantage of the home’s warmest air (hot air rises towards the ceiling) and will make laundry dry efficiently and optimally. Another option is to hang your drying rack to the ceiling with a pulley system, this will help you easily raise the rack for drying and lower it down when you want to hang or remove your laundry.