5 Tips To Maximize Space & Storage in Your Living Room
Combine multiple areas of your house with an open plan concept

Both space and storage can be very limited, especially in the living room. The room itself is commonly filled with a sofa, tv unit, and coffee table, at minimum. Creating a living room with maximum space and storage can be hard especially with the room being extremely packed. If this is a problem you face, consider the following tips to maximize space and storage in your living room to keep it tidy and seamless.

An open plan concept utilizes an open floor plan that combines two or more rooms instead of being divided by a wall or enclosed with a door onto a single large room. For an area such as the living room, this open plan concept goes really well to break down the walls and open up space. The kitchen, dining area, and even your working area go hand in hand with the living room in an open plan concept. Whichever room you decide to combine, the open plan concept expands even the smallest space to appear and feel bigger and brighter.

Consider a modular sofa that follows the shape and size of your room

The modular sofa is quite different compared to traditional sofas. Instead of having to purchase one sofa that might not fit your room precisely, a modular sofa allows you to pick out multiple pieces that can be joined together into one piece of furniture. A modular sofa is very versatile and ideal as it follows the shape of your room rather than limiting its floor space.

Installing a washing machine in your bathroom is also a great way to combine the function of the room. The bathroom will most definitely already have a water pipeline supplying the room with water, so having a washing machine here will not require extra work for the pipeline, to begin with.

Wall-mounted shelves over bulky bookshelves

Using wall-mounted shelves and mounting them to a wall takes up far less space compared to a regular bookshelf. Visually, wall-mounted shelves add a seamless look to the living room instead of bookshelves that takes too much space and appear bulky. Aside from filling less space, wall-mounted shelves provide additional storage for books to indoor plants.

Use a coffee table that has a multi-height function and storage

Coffee tables are often a hassle when it comes to their functionality in the living room. More often than not, coffee tables are added as a centerpiece for the sofa area and left cluttered with unnecessary items creating the room to be untidy. However, your coffee table can be extremely useful when integrated with storage that could fit your living room items such as your remotes, chargers, and magazines. Some people argue about the low height of coffee tables, but having a coffee table with a tabletop that can be raised allows the table to be heightened to a comfortable height for working.

Utilize floating furniture to save extra space

Floating furniture is often known as space-saving for the home. When it comes to the living room, floating furniture is an ideal specification for pieces such as your TV unit or a desk if you want to add a workspace to the room. Consider a floating TV unit that not only stores your media and devices but also has an extra storage space to utilize.