Eneos Office


Interior Design




Hasyim Ashari, Jakarta



Design (Year)

Construction (Year)

This place is an office for Eneos, the brand name of the largest oil Company in Japan, manufactured and sold by JX Nippon & Energy Group. The company has one branch in Jakarta, located on Jendral Sudirman Street, Central Jakarta. On the façade, it is obviously the hierarchy of the design is adopted from a beehive. It’s overall an intriguing concept inspired by bees. This hexagonal façade is designed to give the building a visual identity, and accentuating their shape. Translucent wire mesh is designed hexagonal shaped-wise, to shade inside of the building from the sun. The interiors adapted the same notion. Ceilings, receptionist wall, and other small details such as the decorative mirror decals, are using beehive shapes.