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200 m2

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The spacious apartment is located at the centre of Singapore’s busiest district. The design employs a restrained colour scheme to achieve a mature ambience which is based on the client’s brief of creating a liveable luxury and modern interior.

With the exquisite chandelier and the glossy false ceiling, the dining room is one of the grandeurs. The room is also encased with an innovative textured wood panel to deliver an artistic visual statement. Adjacent to the dining room, the existing balcony is transformed into a semi-outdoor garden breakfast area which is designed in accordance to Singaporean ‘garden city’ urban concept.

The master bedroom utilises extravagant materiality such as fabric wall and lattice attic. One side of the wall is covered with window frames to capture the very essence of the location and immerse the interiors in natural light. In contrast, extensive use of the dark reflective backdrop makes the second bedroom nuance to be slightly different from the master bedroom. The white countertops and fine fabrics create an elegant contrast with the dark background.

The secluded corner accommodates a lavish living room that welcomes privacy for residents to unwind and socialise. The design focuses on having the right balance between the neutral palette and a bold chestnut brown. The black steel frame is also frequently used to accentuate the room and the rest is up to the furniture and all the remaining decorative items.