Dining Hall






Jakarta, Indonesia


150 m2

Design (Year)


Construction (Year)


Step inside Menteng residential area, known for its classy venues. The owner of the existing house requested an additional dining room that could cater for a meeting space; thus, the greenhouse is designed to move away from the traditional concept of a dining area. By making use of the site’s strong natural character, the building encompasses many different themes such as renewable energy, abundance of natural light, and relationship to the external landscape.

More notably, the open gable roof gives a fresh identity of the building which can be easily recognised by the invited guests. The roof is fitted with blinds with minimum light gaps to minimise light input and stop heat from building up. A roof monitor is installed at the central to function as ventilation. The space inside works as a transition area between the old house and the outdoor area which is designed by visually integrating nature and neutral colour palette.

Another way to enjoy dinner with a vibrant greenery view is by setting up a dining area on top of the outdoor decking without exterior or internal walls. It also acts as a viewing platform oriented towards the vast garden with the intention of bringing guests in sync with nature and their surroundings among a daily hustle of a metropolitan city. Ever grand, the scene of the greenhouse continues to age gracefully over time.