Palais Maeterlinck - Melisande CÔTED'AZUR






Nice, France


1000 m2

Design (Year)


Construction (Year)


Located on the riviera between the Southern Alps and the Mediterranean, one will be amazed by the old-fashioned scenery encompassed by saturated colour buildings and an endless blue landscape. This is a splendid location to build a getaway house modelled by the leisurely lifestyle of the south of France.
Upon entering, the guest pavilion provides an enclosed and private space to reflect the client’s desire to socialise while seamlessly being in touch with the outdoors. Refined furniture harmoniously balances the rustic style of the rooms to improve the liveability and amenity.
This multi-storey villa accommodates a master bedroom with an ensuite, two bedrooms, and a single bathroom. The master bedroom sits atop the other rooms with the private expansive balcony connecting to the main bedroom. The floor-to-ceiling glass frames a segment of the nearby Mediterranean Sea which evokes visual sensory, beach scent, and the sound of the wave. The atmosphere of the room is also complemented by rustic-textured walls to add intimacy and spatial comfort.
The living room is located on different floor, dedicated as a luxurious living space. The architect places value in preserving the exposed wooden beams on the ceiling and blends it with a marble print backdrop. A suspended hammock floor is installed as a playful addition in place of the existing ceiling to let sunshine from the skylight branches through. The hammock serves as a relaxing area for the residents to loosen up and can be viewed from below, thus erasing the barrier of communication between each storey.