Sinde Office


Interior Design




Pluit, North Jakarta


550 m2

Design (Year)


Construction (Year)


This commercial office located in Pluit, North Jakarta has fascinating fixtures inside the building. A set of wooden grilles mounted on the ceiling in a circular shape, making their halfway to the wall. This creates an inviting space and depth of wood to its design. The philosophy behind it is a shelter, where shelter is one of the basic human needs associated with the notion of protection, this place accommodates people and functioned as a meeting place. A quite different approach is made to carry out the whole interior at SINDE office, the client wanted a mature, prime, sophisticated look throughout the design, so we added a colour scheme that draws form a colour palette of browns, tans, and warm greys. Along the hallway, a stunning black Silverwave Marble is installed, having its white veining that add glamour to its appearance.